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Whether you're a teen or an adult, everyone needs a trusted person to vent to. I offer 1:1 counseling so that you can get to the core of your issues and live the life you want without fear of judgment.

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If you're struggling with communication or building healthy relationships, what better way to address these concerns than through relationships directly? As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have the training to help you develop the relationships you want in your life.

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Play is the language of childhood. I use play therapy to help young children process trauma, work through behavioral and mental health concerns, and build self-esteem. Don't be deceived - your kiddo is is doing work in the play room!


These interventions are evidenced-based, meaning they have undergone extensive research to prove the effectiveness of their outcomes.


EMDR has been shown to be effective in resolving symptoms of trauma and PTSD as well as many other common issues including anxiety, OCD, self-harm etc. Over the course of EMDR treatment, individuals build resources to manage trauma symptoms and develop a positive self-image prior to reprocessing the traumatic memories. Many clients appreciate this intervention as it tends to resolve symptoms faster than traditional "talk therapy," and does not involve talking about traumatic memories in detail. I have completed the initial EMDRIA-approved training and participate in ongoing supervision.


This is a family therapy modality based on attachment theory. Theraplay uses play to support parents and children in developing positive connection and healthy interactions. I have been using Theraplay for the past three years to support children who have difficulty connecting with their parents due to issues such as trauma, behavioral concerns, and Autism spectrum disorder. Theraplay can be an effective intervention for families from infancy through adolescence. I have completed Theraplay Level I training as well as foundational level supervision.


The Gottman Method is based on decades of research on what makes couples last. Through the course of treatment, couples work to build their "sound relationship house" by identifying ways to connect as well as conflict resolution skills. Couples can benefit from this treatment whether they are wanting to build a strong relationship and prevent future issues, or trying to resolve long-standing communication difficulties. I have completed Level I and II trainings.


In addition to the private pay rates below, I am in network with the following insurance plans: United, Cigna, Aetna, and Anthem (BCBS). 


15 minute phone consultation


Single Session (45-60 minutes)


Double Session (80-90 minutes)


30 minute phone consultation


I believe that all people should feel safe and comfortable seeking out therapy, regardless of their identities. I work with clients of all gender and sexual identities, relationship orientations, race/ethnicities, and religions. If you prefer to work with a clinician who is a member of your community, I will do my best to connect you to an appropriate provider.

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